If you or your loved one is experiencing depression, know that it is possible to obtain medical treatment for this condition. If you have tried other avenues of therapy it might be time to make an appointment with a neurologist and learn about what your options may be. Dr. Jennifer McMonigle Medical PC of Smithtown, NY has worked with many people suffering from the effects of clinical depression. She takes the time to fully understand the circumstances surrounding the depression and discusses possible courses of treatment. Her aim is to get to the bottom of what is happening so that you or your loved one may have some relief.


Already having a neurological condition such as epilepsy, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease can increase your chances of also suffering from depression. There is still uncertainty about whether this relationship occurs as a reaction to the existing neurological illness or if it is a product of similar neurological damage. It is difficult to pinpoint the direct cause of clinical depression and for this reason, it requires a lot of patience to treat and manage. Biochemical changes, environmental conditions, and social isolation may all feed into the severity of a person’s depression.


Clinical depression, also called major depression, is a disorder that affects a person’s mental health. Feeling ups and downs during the day is not uncommon but when the depressive state is more persistent and is coupled with a lack of interest in activities that used to bring joy, this may be something more serious and point to clinical depression. When this continued depressive state begins to impact daily life is usually the time that people seek out treatment.


It is difficult to pinpoint any single cause for clinical depression. Usually, it is a combination of biochemistry, social stimuli, psychological considerations, and other events that may induce distress. While we may not be able to determine the exact origin of a person’s depression, we do know that different variables can contribute to the condition so it is important to the patient’s circumstances as a whole.


Diagnosing clinical depression and separating it from a number of other different conditions is often quite complex. There is still so much to learn about the relationship between mental health and physical health. It is clear there is a biochemical component in certain cases, but how this mechanism works is vague. This is still a field of study that is being explored extensively, however, there is a wide range of treatments that can be used to improve a person’s mental health. Psychotherapy that helps someone regulate their emotional state may work for some. For others, medications may be the best option. A complete assessment of your overall health may hold some clues as to the best way to plan your treatment. Your neurologist will put you through a thorough evaluation to ensure that all options are on the table.

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