If you are dealing with the effects of Lyme Disease and want to discuss your treatment options with a specialist, it may be the time to seek out the services of a board-certified neurologist. Dr. Jennifer McMonigle Medical PC of Smithtown NY has a wealth of experience with patients who have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She works with them to treat symptoms and work out a treatment plan that will improve their overall quality of life during their recovery. Quickly diagnosing the condition and learning to manage Lyme Disease symptoms early on is an important part of being able to resume normal life and activities.


Lyme Disease can be an incredibly frustrating condition to live with. If caught in the early stages it can be effectively treated and cured with simple antibiotics. However, if left longer the condition can begin to affect a wide range of bodily systems including the heart, joints, and nervous system. Even with swift treatment, the symptoms of tiredness and achiness can last for months afterward and significantly impact a person’s ability to go about their lives.


Lyme Disease is a condition caused by a bacterial infection. People are infected when they come into contact and are bitten by a tick carrying this specific bacteria. For this reason, people who work in and live near heavily wooded areas or frequently hike may increase their exposure to infected ticks and can be more susceptible to contracting Lyme Disease.

The very first, and most distinctive, visible sign that someone has contracted Lyme Disease is the presence of a bullseye pattern rash around the tick bite area. This can be accompanied by a headache in the early days and later joint and muscle pain may be present. Fever, fatigue and general malaise are also symptomatic of the condition. Flu-like symptoms such as chills, sore throat, abdominal pain, and nausea have also been reported by sufferers. If left untreated the symptoms will likely worsen over time, so it is essential that treatment occurs as quickly as possible before complications can set in.


Before treatment can happen your doctor will need to perform tests to confirm your condition. If signs and symptoms point to Lyme Disease, you will be given a blood test to confirm that you have indeed been exposed to the offending bacteria. It is also possible to test the fluid in the joints for this bacteria. A number of different treatments are available to manage Lyme Disease including antibiotics to counter bacterial infection and pain medication. If the bacteria have spread further throughout the body and other systems are being affected it may be necessary to deal with those individual conditions that arise as well. Most cases of Lyme Disease, if treated early can be cured within two to 4 weeks with the correct course of antibiotics. In other patients, the symptoms may be present for a duration of 6 months after the original treatment.

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